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Team Matrix, who?

Team Matrix, who?

Sep 7, 2013

Team Matrix was established in 2009 for spreading awareness about information security. Security has emerged to be the most important aspect of any organisation and this team focuses on keeping up to date with the developments and trends in this domain. Late night discussions, brainstorming sessions and intensive planning led to the inception of Team Matrix.

Team Matrix: Sharing is Caring
Team Matrix is a no profit group founded by the students of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune with a motto of ‘Share, Learn, Implement and Refine’ working for the cause of Security Awareness run by Information Security enthusiasts. The Team believes in the concept of the ‘Psychology and an Ecosystem of Security’. Team Matrix focuses on the process as well as technical aspects of security. It strives to reduce the likelihood of human error by familiarising people about security awareness. The team plans to implement this by undertaking various initiatives like Information Security Awareness Campaigns, Information Security Researches and Process and Risk Studies. Team Matrix has collaborations with initiatives like Stay Safe Online, Matriux, Club Hack, Null, ISACA Pune Chapter, Open Security Alliance and Nation Anti-hacking Group.
The Cyber Security Awareness Month is the Flagship event of Team Matrix where October is celebrated as a month of Security Awareness. This event aims at spreading security awareness by inviting speakers from the corporate sector with vast experience in the Information Security domain.
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