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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sep 10, 2015


Do you believe you can be as shrewd as Sherlock Holmes? Do you believe you have that enigma?
Get ready to unleash the detective in you!
One symptom and a dozen possible causations. One stimulus and a hundred plausible responses. Dissecting the cause from the effect, rational from the abstract, critical from the mundane- now possible all at the Symbiosis Campus! Presenting to you the Sherlock Holmes – Case Challenge at CSAM’15, SCIT Pune. Be a part of it to churn the suave investigator out of you!
Solve the case and take the game away!

Team Size: 4


1. Teams will have to strictly adhere to reporting time for every round, failing which they would be disqualified.
2. Participants are required to bring their College ID Cards and registration receipts.
3. Details about the Case will be given on the spot.
4. In case none of the teams come with a solution, the teams with nearest to solving the case will be the winner.
5. Participants will have to carry watches and manage their time. Volunteers will not assist them in keeping time for any round.
6. Participants are not allowed to communicate/ seek help from anyone other than their own team members.
7. Any damage to property within the SIC campus will lead to immediate disqualification of the team from the game and monetary penalty.
8. Use of cell phones or any other communication device is not allowed during the event.
9. In case of any changes or discrepancies, the decision of event coordinators would be final and binding.


• Teams will be tested based on Investigative skills, Observational skills, Critical Thinking skills and Team Co-ordination.
• What the teams should expect when they come to the campus for the event:
1. The teams should be ready to think out of the box as Sherlock Holmes would investigate any case.
2. They will be provided with the actual simulation of a case/situation during the time of the event.

• This event will be held at SIC campus on 3rd Oct.

KIRUBAKARAN M (9488469839)
PREETI MOHANTY (7506081251)

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