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Rewind: CSAM’12

Rewind: CSAM’12

Sep 7, 2013

October is celebrated as the National Cyber Security Awareness month around the world building a culture of awareness and preparedness among people about cyber security.

We students at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune understand the importance of it and celebrate every year keeping in mind the same intent through our CSAM Event. CSAM is organized by the “Team Matrix” group of SCIT and is designed with a goal to engage and educate people about the importance of information security in our daily lives through events and initiatives.

Last year also SCIT organized an information filled CSAM’12 event comprising of quizzes, poster designing, newsletters/blog posts, and guest talks by eminent speakers from the information technology industry.

The main event took place on October 7th, 2012 with the global theme “Our Shared Responsibility”.  The half black half white poster in the background with lines – “Don’t be in the dark about security; There is no darkness but ignorance!” explained the true reason for the need of this event.


CSAM’12: Quite an eye-opener!

The one day event started with an expert advice by Mr. Dinesh Bareja, President – Open Security Alliance, on career prospects in information security to the students. This was followed by Cdr. M Lingesh giving students tips on being a smart security manager in dynamic IT space. Both of their insights and views were very much appreciated not only by the students looking forward for careers in Information Security but towards other IT careers as well.

The post lunch events at CSAM’12 began with Mr. Manu Zacharia, President – Information Security Research Association, talking about Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII) to students. Explaining why its damage through being a target for terrorists, criminals and hackers would be potentially serious and the answers to the questions of who owns and protects CNII.

Mr. Niranjan Reddy, Consultant for Pune Cyber Crime Cell, Maharashtra Police, took the second guest talk post lunch speaking to students about Cyber Warfare & Crime. He spoke on how everyone needs to be aware of hacking, identity theft and how security awareness helps reducing the crime cases.

Our last guest was Mr. Sunil Bakshi, CISO – NSETECH who spoke on the Information Systems Audits. He shared great real life experiences and dos and don’ts with the students about auditing.

With October 2013 less than a month away, CSAM will be back with it awareness mantras.

Be a part of the worldwide program and spread the word.  Join us at CSAM’13!

“Let’s STOP. THINK. CONNECT as Internet is a shared resource and securing it is Our Shared Responsibility!”


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