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Quiz Wire

Quiz Wire

Sep 10, 2015

Everything starts with a question, do you have the answer?

Let your intellect shine, let the rolling of brain race with every passing of minute. Let’s bring the sharpest minds together to take on the heat of challenging quiz of the year. CSAM ’15 proudly announces its flagship quizzing event Quiz wire. So put on your thinking hats and come, enjoy this mega event.

What you seek is seeking you. ~ Rumi

Team Size: 2


1. The Quiz competition is open for all.
2. The Event is conducted in two phases:

  • Online quiz
  • Offline quiz

3. The Teams qualified from Online Quiz will be intimated through mail for the final round.
4. The team should be of 2 members.
5. First, the team leader first has to register online with the team member(s).
6. Offline quiz will be conducted in college premises on CSAM-2015 event day.
7. The participating team members should carry their College ID Card and registration mail copy.
8. Use of cell phones or any other communication device is not allowed during the event.
9. In case of any changes or discrepancies, the decision of event coordinators would be final and binding.


• Teams will be tested based on Team Co-ordination, Leadership Skills, General knowledge, Basic Knowledge related to information security, Decision making based on intuitive skills and Analytical Skills.

• The online quiz will be live on 19th-21st September for a specific time. The results of this round will be announced after a week.
• The offline quiz i.e. the final round will be held at SIC campus on 3rd Oct.

Swaminathan S (9767934938)
Shiv Sanket (9920730282)

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