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Detective Dramebaaz

Detective Dramebaaz

Sep 10, 2015

Every man at the bottom of his heart believes that he is a born detective.
-John Bucan

So you think you can act and have a detective brain too, well then we have all the right ingredients to make you our own “Byomkesh Bakshi”. Presenting to you detective dramebaaz, a quasi-acting event to take out the actor out of you.

Be ready to smash as it is a dubsmash.

Team Size: 1 or 2.

1. Teams will have to register themselves on the official event’s facebook page first.
2. The maximum length of the video should not be more than 10 seconds. Participants will have to manage their own time.
3. Participants are allowed to portray Hollywood or Bollywood dialogues.
4. There should not be any abusive, offensive or double entendre language in the video.
5. Video will be first reviewed by the Admin and then uploaded on the official page.
6. In case of any changes or discrepancies, the decision of event coordinators would be final and binding.

• This event will go live from 19th Sept to 30th Sept.

Drashtant Nanavati (7698015090)

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