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Cyber Security Awareness Month – A Shared Responsibility

Cyber Security Awareness Month – A Shared Responsibility

Sep 7, 2013

Cyber Security Awareness Month – A Shared Responsibility

Over the years Internet has by all means evolved as the medium of communication for a common man. Internet, of course has made each of our lives simple but inadvertently the internet has magnified its presence and identity. Social networking or Cloud computing, it is the internet which runs the show backstage.

Either knowingly or unknowingly each of us is connected to the internet 24 *7. When we connect to the internet we are one among a million on the internet. So is it not important to uphold our privacy on the web?  Is it not every individual’s responsibility to take measures for our resources to stay safe online?  The agenda to empower every individual who owns a stake on the internet gave birth to National Cyber Security Awareness Month a decade ago. CSAM, observed in the month of October is an initiative by the U.S. to reinforce National Cyber security and reduce cyber crime. This awareness program has had a global outreach in the government, corporate and academic sectors.

Spreading security awareness!

 The Government finds that the CSAM awareness month helps them spread the word to the nation – to both citizens and hackers that Cyber laws and rules are being imbibed, adapted and followed more strongly than ever before. The corporate sectors strongly endorse the awareness programme because upholding cyber security for a business implies enhancing reputation of the organization and reducing financial losses. Students and academic committees from various colleges across the globe participate to toe the line for cyber security. The focus is more on nurturing the growth of Information technology by making each of us self-reliant and responsible for securing ourselves online.

When people from various communities come together for the CSAM, it is more of a collective responsibility. Let us all collectively gather for CSAM to make an impact on every individual’s mind about Cyber Security.

Students here at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune celebrate and spread awareness about CSAM in a majestic way. Our next post will speak about how SCIT, under the banner of Team Matrix, celebrated the Cyber Security Awareness Month last year in grand style. So stay tuned!

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