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CSAM’14: The Events Catalogue

CSAM’14: The Events Catalogue

Sep 7, 2014


Team Matrix and SCIT will be back this October when we celebrate the Cyber Security Awareness Month! This awareness programme which has a global outreach will invite people from various communities together to discuss how Information Security is everyone’s shared responsibility. With an array of assorted events and discussions lined up, CSAM’14 is on course to scale new heights!

While the Online events will generate a buzz, a sense of inquisitiveness about what’s to come during the main event, the D-Day events will focus on how we should nurture the growth of Information technology by making each of us self-reliant and responsible for securing ourselves online.
The dossier of assorted online events to generate interest among the audience is given below.

Online Pre-Events:

Sr. No Event Week Description
1 Hackathon Starting from 14th September to 28th September Draw out your tools of hacking to do the ultimate cracking!!!For the first time in SCIT, we showcase the “HacKaThoN” for our premium InfoSec event of the year CSAM-2K14. The paradise for the hackers and champion code crackers is here as we bring on 10 challenging levels with each be littering the other. The mission is to lookout for all the possible vulnerabilities that the challenges present. To make it easier, multiple hints are plotted at each of the level. The competition extends over the extended duration of two weeks to grab the final bounty. As the game progresses, you add points to your tally to keep up in the fight. The ultimate warrior who completes the challenges in the minimum time span eliminates all its competitors and will be crowned as the first titleholders of “HacKaThoN”. So here’s your chance to say “Bring It On” and beat the sloggers.
2 Crossword Starting from 10th September to 14th September This CROSSWORD event provides an opportunity for the participants to know his/her awareness and depth of knowledge on various modules in security domain and tests his/her logical thinking and time efficiency. The team which fills more number of correct words in the CROSS WORD will be declared as the winner of the event.CROSS WORD is one of the CSAM pre events which comprises of 10 clues. Each clue can be a definition or a question and its answer constitutes to a word in the Cross Word. These clues will be from security domain covering various topics like database security, risk management, principles and standards of security management, security models. Each correctly filled word in the Cross word gains one point.

CSAM aims at creating an impact on every individual’s mind about the importance of Cyber Security. What better way to achieve this than to hear the thoughts from prominent professionals from the field of Information Security themselves! The D-Day events will see industry experts coming together to have healthy discussions which would endorse the security awareness programme and how upholding cyber security for a business implies enhancing reputation of the organization and reducing financial losses.

Flagship Day events*: 2nd October 2014

Event Description
Treasure Hunt All that glitters is not always gold. But it can be precious stones and pearls as well!!!The Pandora’s Box is finally open as we at SCIT give you the opportunity to grab the ultimate bounty of its own kind. This October SCIT brings to you “Treasure Hunt” on its premium InfoSec event of the year CSAM-2K14. This unique event helps you not only to team up and look for the clues, but also tickle your gritty brain cells to decode them in the most distinctive way possible. To add to the challenge, a ticking clock is always there to keep everyone on their toes. If you think it’s a child’s play, then get ready to be boggled as you cannot triumph this without your opponent’s help. So if you think you know how to convince or confuse, here’s your path to be the “Supreme Pirate”.
Panel Discussion
Interested in Information Security? Do you have a thirst to be updated about the latest happenings in this field? Have you always wanted to share your views in a forum with successful people from the industry? The wait is now over.
This Cyber Security Awareness Month we bring to you the chance to take part in PANEL DISCUSSION. In this on-the-day event you get to hear pioneers from the field share their insights on various emerging security topics. You get to listen to their experiences over the years and how cyber security has evolved over time. You can also interact and share your views with them.
As technology grows, the importance of security grows too. Huge organizations have ceased to exist because they dint give much importance to information security. We no longer live in the era where having a password meant we are secure. We can no longer be deaf and blind to the various security developments around us. It’s time we updated ourselves with the latest hypes in this field. So don’t miss this great opportunity to get your queries sorted and to take back loads of new security information.
Case Study From Keywords CASE STUDY FORM KEYWORDS is one of the CSAM pre events which comprises of 3 sets of 5 keywords given to each participating team. Each team has to first select one set of key words from the given 3. Then each team has to use the 5 selected keywords to write a meaning full case study. Each team will get 30 minutes.
Role-Play Audit Participants’ would be provided with a case/ scenario for which they have to come up with suitable information security practises (general and not specific to any standard) that can be implemented. The case studies would be rolled out to the participants 10 days prior to the CSAM event day (Oct 2, 2014). This round would test the participants’ ability to frame relevant information security practises and the ability to foresee any risk in the case of the absence of those practises and policies. Only those teams that are selected in this round would move on to the next round (Round-2).

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  1. Wish to be a part of the panel discussion and talk on cyber security.
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