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CSAM’13: The Online Security Quiz!

CSAM’13: The Online Security Quiz!

Sep 13, 2013

Every day we hear news about the latest computer viruses, phishing scams and identity theft dangers.  Today more than ever it is necessary for the people to consider threats that the Internet brings right into their lives.  That doesn’t mean we all have to become certified experts at information security, but each one of us must be prepared to work safely in the online environment. Cyber security awareness is the key to our information security problems.

But how much should one know about information security? Do you have the common knowledge enough to prevent you from falling victim to cybercrime?

As a part of supporting online events of CSAM’13, Team Matrix and Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, in association with PenTest, presents you the Online Security Quiz, which gives you a chance to assess yourself.  The online security quiz will be a series of fun and challenging questions allowing participants to test their knowledge in a variety of security disciplines like General Information Security Awareness and Privacy, Compliance, IT Auditing, Vulnerability Assessment and more.

The Online Security Quiz event is spread across three days. Each day participants will take a quiz, consisting of 20 questions each, which need to be answered within 10 minutes of time. All the questions will be a mix of the above mentioned security disciplines assessing individual’s security knowledge.

Now coming to the more interesting part! There are prizes to be won! Three winners are entitled to a massive subscription worth INR 30,000/- from the PenTest Magazine! PenTest Magazine is a weekly downloadable IT security magazine, devoted exclusively to penetration testing.

The quiz is intended to spread awareness among people, awaken them about information security and especially NOT to judge one’s skills/knowledge. So don’t hesitate, just take out 10 minutes of your valuable time and measure the security awareness inside you.

The event starts @ 10 PM on 13th September, 2013! So come one, come all! Registrations are open!

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Divyaraj Khangarot | Marketing & Branding – CSAM’13

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

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